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Invest In A Future

Who we are

The idea for Morrison Mentors, Inc. was born when, as a volunteer basketball coach, I noticed that a lot of kids were missing practices and games as punishment for poor academic performance. As a proud product of the Hempstead community, I felt a sense of obligation to make it possible for the next generation to achieve the same level of success and greater, due to my ability to utilize the community resources that were at my disposal, and are still available to students today.

What we do

Morrison Mentors strongly believes in Investing in Communities! Our self-sustaining community engineered model supports the advancement of quality education in the U.S., especially in underserved communities. We have worked with over 140 students in over 5 districts in Nassau County. Morrison Mentors has recently expanded its non-profit services to New York City Libraries.

Why we do it

We are working towards engineering a social change in the community. Since we began our operations out of a local community center, we have worked with over 120 of students from Hempstead, Uniondale, Roosevelt and Westbury school districts. Our students have experienced significant academic success based on improved state exam results and positive parent and teacher feedback. We’ve worked with numerous communities at the school district level to provide custom technology curriculum to meet their unique demographics.