Our Featured Services

Parent Technology Courses

As an organization, our overall goal is to increase the awareness of S.T.E.M. possibilities and opportunities through project-based educational workshops and programs for youths and their parents in underserved communities throughout Long Island. By offereing parents the ability to enroll in similar student classes, we are able increase and encourage parent-student technology bonding activities outside the classroom. Luckily for us, S.T.E.M. technology is so vast that we are able to find multiple areas of interest for students and families.

Computer Support

Offering technical services to partnering organizations allow young aspiring technologist, under the guidance and instruction of career professionals, to gain valuable work experience and exposure through local internships and job employment opportunities.

Tutoring and Mentoring

Being able to deliver affordable small group tutoring and mentoring services, give parents and organizations the flexiblity to schedule safe and encouraging learning environments that assist the development of interpersonal relationship growth, good study skills and habits, and build a positive self-image to be viewed by surrounding communities.

App Development

Have an amazing app idea? Need assistance developing your million dollar idea? Lacking a million dollars to develop it? Contact Morrison Mentors to have our professional mentors develop an affordable action plan to bring your idea to market!


An online educational application that assigns, evaluates, and rewards students for the completion of math, science, and language arts questions according to their customized curriculum.